Data Security

As populations grow, develop, change and adapt, accurate and highly secured population and civil registration information needs to be updated more frequently, tracked in real-time and protected to prevent security breaches.
All over the world, hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods to gain access to confidential information illegally, and it is especially necessary for government agencies to use advanced, hi-tech, state-of-the-art technology solutions to protect highly sensitive details and civil information.
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IT Systems

Founded over 40 years ago, Nikuv is an experienced and progressive IT company that provides a wide range of civil and governmental solutions more essential in today’s digital age than ever before.
During the many years that Nikuv has been operating, the world has seen unprecedented advancements in hi-tech and technology related enterprises. Nikuv applies its extensive, real world experience and first-class software technologies to provide civil registration and population management solutions for developing nations.
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Population Registry

The IT solutions designed, developed and implemented by Nikuv International Projects Ltd. can be described as dynamic, advanced frameworks of unique systems and sophisticated applications.
Each of Nikuv’s systems accomplishes tasks specific to the particular sector of government for which it is designed, while still allowing for cross-referencing and interconnection between governmental departments.
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Welcome To Nikuv

Nikuv Provides Solutions For Keeping Government Records Accurate and Safe

Nikuv is a leader in providing advanced IT solutions and hi-tech systems for governments across the globe. We offer civilian registration and population database solutions that manage data efficiently, securely and accurately. Nikuv is always working on designing, producing and implementing the most modernized, sophisticated software and hardware solutions available to governments in today’s market. With our proven experience and success in meeting the specific needs of dynamic governments and their ever-changing populations, we create advanced methods of collecting, recording, storing, updating and sharing information in a secure and verifiable manner.

With the increasing movement of populations from rural to urban areas and constant change in family dynamics and demographics, updating civilian registry information and databases is complicated. Nikuv’s IT solutions make the process easy to understand, simple to perform, efficient to operate, accurate and highly secure for the benefit and ease-of-use of governments and their citizens.
With Nikuv’s solution, governments have always available access to the accurate, vital information needed to track a growing and changing population and make strategic plans for future infrastructure and citizen services.
  • Nikuv takes the time, complexity, guesswork and fraud out of issuing passports, e-passports or ID cards, whether the recipient is applying for a document for the first time, is updating details or replacing a document that has been lost or misplaced.
  • Nikuv’s technological security features involve a ten-point verification and approval checks system that keeps information secure, accurate, tamper-proof and reliably identifiable.
  • Nikuv’s automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) enables police forces to create a dynamic database of cross-referenced fingerprints and other identifying details, such as facial features and iris scans, to make law enforcement easier and more effective.
With a wide range of solutions for collecting, recording, organizing, storing, protecting, updating and maintaining vital details and information, NIkuv helps governments operate smoothly and efficiently while making the citizen-government interaction quicker, easier, friendlier and much more reliable and comfortable for everyone involved.

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