About Nikuv

Our Story

Nikuv Ltd. was established in 1994, as one of the subsidiaries of the Formula Group, the largest software group in Israel. Nikuv was staffed by a group of highly-skilled IT professionals with decades of industry experience, particularly in the sector of information technology for large-scale government related civil registration projects.

It didn’t take long for Nikuv to implement its efficient and easy-to-use, yet highly advanced and secure, civil registration and population management solutions in developing countries around the globe. In many nations, especially those in Africa and Asia, computers quickly replaced filing cabinets, and printers and scanners began to produce official government documents and identification cards with new-found efficiency and security measures.

These developments were welcomed by government agencies looking to save time, money and resources by finally acquiring an efficient, accurate and highly secured system for collecting, recording and updating crucial data regarding its citizens. The citizens themselves also responded with very positive satisfaction to the overall improved level of service and ability to quickly issue documents on the spot in real time.

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Our Products

Nikuv Ltd. design, develops and integrates modernized IT systems, primarily for civil registration and population databases. These systems are comprised of the most advanced technology available today and are effective for governments of any size, even those with many citizens in remote and rural locations.

Governments can leverage advanced technologies in the areas of administration, security, civil planning and infrastructure development. Nikuv provides the package solution, knowledge and expert skills required to make this happen.

Today, Nikuv continues to push for increasingly robust, efficient and secure state-of-the-art IT solutions and products. Combining the key functions of real time document issuance, dependable and accurate data storage and the most advanced security features, Nikuv’s solutions are designed to allow governments to operate on the best possible levels of professionalism, quality, security and efficiency.

Our Services

Throughout the design, implementation, installation and operation of its systems, Nikuv provides extensive support to all its clients. Our services includes:

  • Total management of the project, from original analysis phase to final completion.
  • Best custom solution resulting from analysis of customer requirements.
  • Training of all levels of government users to operate the systems and enable first level support troubleshooting, diagnostics and problem solving.
  • Transfer of knowledge to the government customers.
  • Documentation to all level of users.
  • Partnering with Proven Experts.

Over the last two decades, Nikuv has established itself as a leader in IT solutions for governments and has staked its reputation on the ingenuity, efficiency, security and hi-tech features of its products.

Nikuv is also profoundly sensitivity and understanding of various different local cultures and the specific needs of its clients. Nikuv’s experienced staff will listen, understand, prepare, design and then implement a tailored, customized solution for each government’s needs. Nikuv’s IT experts have the professionalism, experience and knowledge to help transform, modernize and pave the road for better and more efficient interactions between internal government agencies, citizens and other nations around the world.