How e-Gates have Transformed Border Control Processes

The primary goal of border control is to efficiently manage, screen and control the flow of people across the land, air and sea borders of a country. It’s a task that is extremely important for security purposes of any country and also very challenging due to the sheer number of people whose details need to […]

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Database Security

Protecting your database systems should be a vital component of your overall IT strategy. Once you have made the shift from outdated data management systems to sophisticated a databases, protecting your data from accidental or intentional loss, unlawful entry or theft is paramount to the overall success of your IT system.
Nikuv utilizes an advanced Relational […]

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Biometric Systems and Fingerprinting

Every single one of us – all over the world – has a unique set of fingerprints. No two people have the same fingerprints, just like no two people have identical DNA. It is amazing that even
identicaltwins have distinct sets of fingerprints – even if all their other physiological features are near identical. This makes the […]

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