Nikuv – Data Security

As populations grow, develop, change and adapt, accurate and highly secured population and civil registration information needs to be updated more frequently, tracked in real-time and protected to prevent security breaches. All over the world, hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods to gain access to confidential information illegally, and it is especially necessary for government agencies to use advanced, hi-tech, state-of-the-art technology solutions to protect highly sensitive details and civil information. Data in the wrong hands can endanger entire countries, and Nikuv is the leading player in the forefront of sophisticated IT related governmental projects, providing a wide range of integrated solutions that make data collection quicker, easier, more efficient and highly secure.

While not every breach can be predicted, Nikuv has the experience to make such intrusions significantly less likely to occur and can track and prevent unauthorized access in real time. For years, Nikuv has and continues to be the leader in providing governments across the globe with the capability to efficiently collect, record, update and track data electronically in real-time and keep the vital information in the right hands. Nikuv has worked with governments all over the world, including the African nations of Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Botswana, Zambia, Lesotho, Ghana, Angola and many others. Nikuv is the name governments trust when it comes to large scale IT and data processing projects requiring high levels of security.

e-Passport Security

Nikuv develops and produces sophisticated e-passports containing microprocessing chips and highly advanced security features which are virtually impossible to forge. This creates a smoother verification of identification process as one crosses borders from country to country. Nikuv’s application module can receive passport application, issue e-passports, track lost or damaged passports and give details of the creation of passports during each processing stage from application to issuance to usage. Our systems can scan the e-passport quickly and thoroughly, giving an accurate and verified read with photo scanning, microprocessor chip recognition and biometric fingerprint technology. Our management reports and live updates can resolve and uncertainties and give accurate, current details on passport inventory and usage. Nikuv’s passport design exceeds conformance with international standards and include the top-of-the-line security features, such as hologram, ultraviolet, watermarks, ghost imaging and dynamic variable ink, to name but a few, in order to ensure the highest levels of security. Our unique triple layered lamination procedure and fully integrated photos protects passports from forgery. Nikuv’s special pigment ink Toppan printing is considered state-of-the art in the passport security industry.

AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) Turnkey Solutions

Nikuv’s AFIS turnkey software and hardware solutions makes it easier for law enforcement officials to track suspects through a criminal and civil biometric database. AFIS is a database with fingerprints, electronic images and relevant demographic details and information. The automated system provides data that corresponds to fingerprints or pictures and has highly accurate matching capacities and cross-referencing capabilities. The systems include the latest best-of-breed hardware, AFIS software, data conversion technology and all aspects necessary to run the systems efficiently. Its card conversion system can immediately access information based on individual fingerprints or palm prints and eliminates duplication, forgery or errors.

e-ID Card System

The e-ID card system keeps information collected in a highly secured fashion online that can be accessed only via government agencies and each agency can be granted customized access to data pertinent to the enquiring or reporting government body. The PCs, integrated cameras and scanners allow government offices to verify and update information quickly and efficiently, as well as track potential fraud. Hologram, ultraviolet, specialty inks, ghost imaging, micro-processing chips and triple layered lamination processes make the e-cards tamper-resistant and nearly impossible to forge.

Population Registration

Nikuv enables governments to update, access and secure the population database with the most advanced software available today. Government offices and agencies are connected through an intranet telecommunication system that shares a highly secured and encrypted network with data protection via multiple online security processes.