Protecting your database systems should be a vital component of your overall IT strategy. Once you have made the shift from outdated data management systems to sophisticated a databases, protecting your data from accidental or intentional loss, unlawful entry or theft is paramount to the overall success of your IT system.

Nikuv utilizes an advanced Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) platform that interfaces perfectly with Standard Query Language (SQL). RDBMS addresses all database security concerns, including: data recovery, duplicity of data files, unlawful access and data control.

Duplicity of Data Files
Duplicity of data files leaves your systems vulnerable to cyber attack. RDBMS verifies that all of your captured data is stored only once in the database by carefully matching against existing files and biometric data. This will ensure that all data is accurate as well as minimize risk to security breaches.


Unlawful Access

The RDBMS utilizes a highly sophisticated protocol to protect your database files from unlawful entry. Through a combination of security protocols, only authorized administrators will be allowed to access certain data. The System restricts data access according to administrator need only, so that there is no access across the entire database system at one time. Each level of data release requires a new level of authorization and verification, so that only relevant information can be mined from the database. The integrity of data collection is not compromised by the System. Authorized administrators will be able to competently prepare data reports, statistical analyses and other actions as required, unhindered by the security system.

Data Recovery

RDBMS incorporates an automated database backup protocol, providing for backup of all or partial data on a routine basis. During this time, the System ensures full protection of data as it is being backed up. Should there be data retrieval operations at the time, the System ensures that there is no loss of data or interruption to queries. A Disaster Recovery Site Center will resolve any issues related to accidental or intentional loss of data.

Data Control

The System will automatically record all data creation, access, modification, and deletion by name of user, date, and time and database level accessed. All databases remain securely housed within your organization and the database management system responds to your directives and needs.