Population Registration

The IT solutions designed, developed and implemented by Nikuv can be described as dynamic, advanced frameworks of unique systems and sophisticated applications. Each of Nikuv’s systems accomplishes tasks specific to the particular sector of government for which it is designed, while still allowing for cross-referencing and interconnection between governmental departments. Each agency user is therefore able to view or update the details relevant to its specific field. As a result, logistical cooperation and accurate recordkeeping and updates between different government ministries are quickly and efficiently accessible and available as needed.

Civil Population Registry

Nikuv’s civil population registration system is a sophisticated online modular application that facilitates citizen registration quickly, efficiently, securely and accurately in real time. It also includes a centralized population database which is a crucial resource for future government planning and which is built to allow for future additions and upgrades.

  • The system can be implemented in a decentralized manner in order to allow online registration, management and document issuance services to all citizen, both via designated centers in urban areas and mobile registration units in rural and remote locations.
  • The population registry details and information is stored in a centralized database in a highly secure and virtual tamper-proof manner.
  • The system can generate detailed reports on population trends and changes as well as forecast statistical information to help governments plan for their countries’ future development.

Birth and Death Registry

  • Nikuv’s birth and death registry application works in full conjunction with the population registry in order to allow for fast, efficient and accurate updates. It is easily set up in multiple facilities as per the customers’ request and is designed to record all births and deaths as well as actively produce official certificates which contain the latest security and anti-forgery features in order to protect against fraud.
  • The registry generates a unique ID number based on various defined parameters for all newborns and automatically opens an e-file and registers the infant in the central population database.
  • Fast, accurate and reliable data reporting can be easily referenced for statistical purposes.
  • Deaths are automatically recorded as reported across all relevant national databases, such as family registries, transport ministries, taxation agencies and real estate records.

Marriage and Divorce Registry

Nikuv’s marriage and divorce registry application maintains the family registry as an integrated element in the central population database and is directly linked to the actual production of highly secured, fraud-proof marriage and divorce certificates.

The application tracks and organizes this information by automatically updating all relevant government files and cross-referencing them to record the new legal status of either marriage or divorce.

The application also registers religious organizations and affiliations, as per each government customers’ request.

National Identity Card

Recording information, validating data and issuing valid, accurate and secure national identity cards can be challenging in remote, rural areas and even difficult in major urban centers. That’s why Nikuv’s national e-ID card system is dynamic, flexible and adaptable to any local regions and conditions.

Sophisticated yet compact and easy-to-use advanced technology is deployed, even in remote locations, in order to scan required documents, record identifying features (such as fingerprints and facial scans), verify the collected data, cross-check with processed applications and produce and issue national e-ID cards in real time, on the spot, to each citizen.

Immigration and Citizenship

Securing a nation’s borders while allowing for an appropriate, lawful stream of immigration is essential for a country’s security, strategic management and development. Nikuv’s comprehensive immigration and e-border control module provides sophisticated and efficient support to implementing immigration policies.

  • Production and issuance of relevant visas, permits, immigration approvals and citizenship cards.
  • Interface and direct, live automated communication with other agencies such as the police and Interpol.
  • Management of entire process of application for citizenship status from application submission to collection of details to approval and issuance of citizenship documents.

Passport System (e-Passport and Standard Passport)

The passport process, from application stage to verification and final issuance, should be accessible, quick, efficient, accurate and extremely secure. Above all, a functioning passport requires two main characteristics: International standardization to work across the globe and a multitude of the latest hi-tech security features to protect from fraud and forgery.

Nikuv has researched and developed a very impressive, efficient passport management system which provides for e-passports and standard passports of the highest quality, surpassing the international requirements, packed full of security features, yet still customizable to the specific needs and demands of each country, with the ability to produce the passports in record time.

  • Surpasses the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) International Standard Passport Design.
  • Full inventory and periodic reports.
  • Advising on designing procedures and passport issuance workflow methodology.

Training and Support

Nikuv is committed to providing governments with the solutions they need based on the unique, local facts relevant in each specific country. For this reason, Nikuv provides hands-on consulting, training and transfer of know-how to government officials and employees so as to enable in-house first maintenance response. Through this comprehensive and specialized service, Nikuv’s realizes its vision for bringing the best of modern technology and IT know-how to governments across the globe.