Nikuv participated in the second annual forum and exposition of electronic identity in Africa. The forum is arranged by ID4Africa and took place this year from the 24th until the 26th of June in Kigali, Rwanda. The forum is aimed at bringing representatives of various stakeholder groups in the identity sphere in Africa together so that unique opportunities for networking can take place. The ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem in which the adoption of ID systems in Africa will enable socio-economic development.

Nikuv attends the ID4 Africa

Nikuv attends the ID4 Africa

Learning About Needs

During the exhibition the Nikuv booth had many visitors, including several governmental dignitaries from Migration and the Ministries of the Interior. Nikuv gladly shared their knowledge and experiences with implementing systems in several countries.


Nikuv is a software development and implementation company located in Israel. The company designs and develops governmental IT systems that are mainly for use in population databases and for civil registration. Some of the most advanced technologies are used to ensure that solutions are suitable to governments of any size, and can even accommodate those with citizens residing in rural and remote locations. Nikuv has implemented systems in several countries. Products include passports, resident and ID cards, visa systems, AFIS, firearm licenses and census registration systems. Nikuv’s solutions and products are created to help governments to operate efficiently, securely and professionally.

About ID4Africa

ID4Africa is a joint initiative between APSCA and Identity Counsel International (ICI). It was launched with the goal of meeting the need to change the current difficulties of residents in Africa whose lives are negatively impacted because they do not have IDs. By promoting the responsible and transparent adoption of digital ID systems these citizens will eventually also benefit from the positive change brought about by development.