NIkuv at ID4 Africa 2015

Nikuv International Projects is proud to have been invited as a major participant in ‘ID4 Africa’ — the first government forum on electronic identity in Africa.

Nikuv is well known for developing advanced technological solutions for African governments, tailor-made for each country’s specific needs.

ID4 Africa was held in June 2015 in Tanzania, and sponsored by Identity […]

International Projects

Nikuv International Projects Designs Highly Secure Passport Control System to Meet Growing Population
With Nikuv the process of issuing passports becomes efficient and secure from all standpoints. The special Nikuv-designed passport control system incorporates a series of measures to protect against unauthorized access, beginning with special access keys needed to enter the buildings and offices housing […]

Sophisticated Population Registry Systems

Nikuv International Projects: Sophisticated Population Registry Systems for Africa’s Developing Nations
All across the African continent, economies are improving, populations are increasing and technology is advancing. Along with these great developments come increased demands for a wide variety of government services, such as housing, electricity, schools, hospitals, roads and highways, and other infrastructure necessary to support […]

Smart Population Registry Solutions

Nikuv Designs & Implements Modern & Sophisticated e-Government and Population Registration Systems for Africa’s Emerging Nations
Countries seeing growth in their populations are benefiting from Nikuv comprehensive registration and identification systems that enable them to capture & record electronic data in order to locate, identify and track their citizenry populace and thus more efficiently allocate resources to […]